Building a Nation Together


The People’s National Movement Women’s League congratulates the Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley on his stewardship over the last year that has saved this country from the brink of the disaster for which we were heading prior to the intervention of the PNM on September 7, 2015.

Trinidad and Tobago has indeed come a long way.

Despite the difficult economic times, Dr. Rowley by his leadership has been able to hold this country together by taking the people into his confidence. This was demonstrated last Sunday September 11, 2016 when he presented a report that not only told the country of the challenges we faced but   he also identified that the government had a clear plan to take us out of those difficulties.

We recognize that the main burden, in difficult economic times like we are currently facing, usually fall on the women of Trinidad and Tobago. It is the mothers and caregivers who will be called upon to shoulder the responsibility to keep the families of the country together.

Dr. Rowley, by his timely address, gave the assurance that the government is definitely up to the challenge of steering the country in the right direction. We look forward to the September 30, Budget Day, when the plan for the next financial year will be announced.

We encourage the women of the PNM and indeed of the nation to heed the call to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place to live by playing our part in nurturing a safe, productive society. We can do this together.


Hon. Camille Robinson Regis, MP


National Women’s League






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